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Return Policy

EPICHI_return policy
Underwhat circumstances can't I return it?
EPICHI.7-day satisfaction guarantee service of products:
Inorder to provide better service, EPICHI offers a 7-day appreciation period forconsumer protection regulations.
Skincare products, cosmetics, and accessories are subject to personal hygieneconcerns. Once the product has been unpacked, it cannot be returned.
Pleasereturn the goods within 7 days from the date of receipt of the goods.
Ifthe return is processed within the 7-day appreciation period, the returnedmerchandise must be brand new and packaged (completely defined as: unopenedproducts and gifts, and invoices included).
Ifyou return within the 7-day appreciation period, you will need to return ityourself and bear the shipping cost.
Ifthe goods you received are defective due to the delivery process or theproducts do not match, please call the customer service center, we will handlethe exchange for you.
Singleorder is limited to return and exchange once, please return it once, and willnot accept the second return.
Ifthere are too many return orders, we will not have the right to ship them.
Oncethe product is unpacked, it cannot be returned. For sensitive skin, pleaseconsider purchasing it.
Ifthe product is defective or wrong, how can I handle it?
Thefollowing conditions can be refunded/exchanged, and the company will handle thereplacement of new products.
Thetransportation process caused the goods to be damaged.
Thereceived item does not match the order item.
Damagecaused by poor product quality or other non-consumer errors.
Immediatelycall the toll-free line +886(0)800313886 during the seven-day appreciationperiod, and wait for the customer service department to handle therefund/exchange.
Isthere a shipping fee for the return?
Within7 days of receipt of the product, the application period is limited to the freeshipping fee (the standard for free shipping confirmation is to confirm thatthe returned product is correct and then enter the relevant refund process).
Whatis the refund time after returning?
Goodsreturned to EPICHI. Ai Benqi, about 3 to 7 working days (excluding holidays),the company will confirm whether the goods are correct and complete afterreceiving the goods, about 1~3 working days to confirm the return goods arecorrect, then enter the relevant The refund process.

Ifyou have any questions about the refund or policy, please contact us in thefollowing ways, we will contact you as soon as possible, thank you.